Always follow product care label. Screen Printed and Heat Pressed products should be washed in cool or warm water. NOT HOT! Launder your garment inside out to protect the screen printing or vinyl application. Never use Fabric Softener as it will break down the ink and the adhesive on the vinyl. Do not use Bleach of any kind, not even the bleach that is supposedly safe for colors. Do not dry on High Heat. Note that because cleaning methods and garment use are beyond, our control, no warranty of length of service for wear, size, color stability, fabric strength or print condition after the product is used is offered or implied.

For best results, turn inside out and do not over dry when laundering. Before, ironing, place a handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase over the embroidery to prevent scalding of thread. Due to varied water conditions and the effects of harsh detergents, bleach, hot water and individual laundering, Izzo Embroidery makes no guarantee against fading, bleeding, shrinkage, or any deterioration of garment, screen-printing or embroidery during or following laundering.

Thank you,
Izzo Embroidery and Screen Printing